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Lynn continues to advise MEDA and give her time so that MEDA resources are maintained and protected to ensure their availability to future MEDA clients.

“The Multi-Bank Lending Consortium is a much-needed funding source, and it has been my pleasure to work with MEDA and the banks in connection with the Consortium.”

– Lynn Gardin

Phil GoldmanPhil Goldman has assisted many individuals and small businesses throughout his legal career, including many through MEDA. Jorge Mendoza came to MEDA with an idea on how to grow papayas more efficiently and with fewer chemicals. Jorge, who spoke little English, had received basic business training through the Neighborhood Development Center. He sought additional resources and technical assistance, including invaluable information on how to protect his idea, through MEDA. Phil, a lawyer in our intellectual property group, worked with him for more than a year to pursue a patent for Jorge’s unusual idea. With the assistance of MEDA consultant Edgardo Rodriguez, Jorge successfully filed a patent application (which is now pending) for his specialized agricultural methods. Phil also nominated Jorge for an inventor’s award, which was presented to Jorge at the 2007 Minnesota Intellectual Property Law Association Authors and Inventors Award dinner.

When asked why he volunteers, Phil states that he is reminded of his own grandfather, who immigrated from Hungary in the early 20th century).

“My grandfather had nine kids and earned his living hauling ice. My aunt once uncovered a drawing he had made of preformed interlocking blocks—an idea before its time but much the same as the entire industry uses today. I can only wonder how his life might have been changed, and in turn, my father’s and even mine, had there been someone around to help him with even initial steps in progressing with his idea. Hopefully, Jorge’s life might change a bit because of his creative ideas, and his children and grand- children will not have to wonder.

– Phil Goldman

Fredrikson & Byron salutes both Lynn Gardin and Phil Goldman (now retired) for their commitment to provide pro bono legal services to MEDA and its clients.

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