Child Custody

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  • Adoption: Links of relevance to attorneys representing children in adoption cases, or serving as guardian ad litems in adoption cases.


  • Kids in the Crossfire: Helping Parents Understand the Impact of Divorce: We are providing a link to an award winning video, Kids in the Crossfire: Helping Parents Understand the Impact of Divorce. The link is to The Texas Young Lawyers Division website, where you can view and download the short video and a 2 page Fact Sheet for parents. We believe that both can be very useful to programs which handle child custody matters.


  • Kid’s Turn: A Non-Profit Organization to Help Kids and Parents Through Divorce: This website was designed to help children and parents get through a divorce, and there is a section specifically for kids.


  • It’s Not Your Fault: This website was designed by NCH, an agency in the UK. While the remainder of their site refers to programs and resources available in the UK, this section of the website could be helpful for children going through a custody dispute.


  • What Happens Next? Information for Kids About Separation and Divorce[36], published by the Canada Department of Justice.
  • National Family Resiliency Center, Inc., Family Connex ,[37]. The self-paced Family Connex program includes a comprehensive Co-Parent Manual, information to be included in parenting agreements, and helpful tools to assist parents in building child-focused parenting plans for each child in their family.


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