Child Custody

Recipients of the Ann Liechty Child Custody Award

Ann Liechty
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Child Custody Resources in the Center for Pro Bono Knowledge Center

The Project has collected materials from many different sources, and has loaded them to the Center for Pro Bono Knowledge Center[21]. These materials are intended for use by programs, attorneys, and courts interested in child custody representation. Because our intended audience is programs, attorneys, and courts, and because that is who the materials are designed for, we do not send library documents to members of the general public except in exceptional circumstances. Documents in the library include training manuals, substantive articles, informational brochures, and other education materials. You can search the library Clearinghouse either by subject category or key words. Your search will generate a list of documents, the majority of which will be available for immediate viewing or printing through the “Full Text” link.

Child Custody Programs Directory and Report

The Project has compiled information on programs around the country that directly represent children in private custody cases. The Project maintained a database of this information and has produced a Directory of these programs and a Report summarizing this information.  Further information may also be found in the  Section of Litigation’s ABA Directory of Children’s Law Programs[22][23][24]

Fifty-one Jurisdiction Research Projects

The Project researched child custody representation laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Researched issues include when attorneys are appointed, the role the attorney plays in the case, qualifications for the attorneys, and how such representation is funded. Summaries of the results are available for divorce cases[25] and adoptions[26] and guardianships for minors[27].

In addition, the project researched the laws of all jurisdictions regarding cases in which domestic violence issues are raised, where custody or safety of children is an issue. Summaries are available for General Domestic Violence Statutory Provisions[28], Domestic Violence Raised in Custody Cases[29], Civil Order of Protection Cases[30], and Domestic Violence Definitions in Statutes Other than Custody[31].

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